Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Use

The website Gotoclass.ch belongs to Buzz Factory Sàrl, which holds all the rights to this site. These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer and Buzz Factory ("Buzz Factory"). The terms and conditions apply to all agreements between the customer and Buzz Factory regarding the services and products offered by Buzz Factory.

2. Ownership and Other Protective Rights

The information which can be accessed over the website may be protected and may only be used with the permission of the owner. Reproduction, transmission or a linking of the Internet platform requires in each case the express written permission of the Buzz Factory. Infringements will be legally pursued.

3. Data Protection

All of the transferred data which is referred to within the contracts (technical details, videos, logos, pictures, etc.) may be made accessible to third parties. Buzz Factory commits itself to abiding to the legal requirements regarding data protection. The customer acknowledges in particular that data on persons is accessible also in states which do not recognize legislation regarding data protection to a similar degree or extent as Switzerland.

4. Intellectual Property

All rights regarding intellectual property in relation to the services provided by Buzz Factory remain with Buzz Factory or with an authorized third party. In order to make use of the services of Buzz Factory, customers receive the non-transferable and non-exclusive right of use for the duration of the contract.

5. Liability

Buzz Factory is not responsible for the publicized information and accepts no liability for this information. This is valid for ads, comments and reservations such as services or goods on offer. Buzz Factory accepts no liability for unlawful actions perpetrated by the user towards the advertiser, for example in the event of unauthorized copying of content, etc. Buzz Factory undertakes to resolve all technical breakdowns which lie within their authority within a reasonable time. Claims extending above any beyond this limitation cannot be made. In particular, Buzz Factory is not responsible in any way for breakdowns or interruptions in the availability of the provided systems or of Internet. No liability at all will be accepted for resulting damages and lost profits. Buzz Factory accepts no responsibility for incoming and outgoing links to the website.

 6. Amendments

Buzz Factory has the right to amend at any time the technical requirements of its service and its range of service. The advertiser declares himself / herself in agreement with these amendments insofar as such changes do not detrimentally affect his or her claims to service provision.

7. Coming into Force, Duration and Cancellation of Contract

 This contract comes into force as soon as the customer has signed an agreement or has confirmed the purchase of services and/or products via the Internet, the corresponding agreement enters into force incorporating these General Terms and Conditions.
Buzz Factory reserves the right to cancel within 14 days any agreement entered into by an employee or an agent of Buzz Factory or any agreement entered into with the customer via the Internet without stating a reason and without liability for damages.
In the event of any use of the services by the customer in contravention of the provisions of the agreement or which is unlawful or immoral or in the event the customer has given cause for complaints due to the poor quality of the data submitted to Buzz Factory, such as advertisement publication data, Buzz Factory may immediately withdraw from the agreement and discontinue the provision of services without prior notice to the customer and without liability for damages; in such event the client has not right to reclaim payments made in advance for a certain period of time.

 8. Prices and Terms of Payment

  If not expressly agreed otherwise, Buzz Factory's currently valid price list applies for calculating the price of the corresponding product. These price lists are retrievable at any time on the Internet under the corresponding website and/or applications. Buzz Factory reserves the right to adjust the prices to the market and/or price trends. These price adjustments, if not expressly agreed otherwise, shall also be applied to ongoing contracts. The prices, if not expressly agreed otherwise, are net in Swiss francs including VAT.
The term allowed for payment is 10 days from the time of invoicing. If the customer fails
 to pay within the term of payment, Buzz Factory may cancel the agreement with immediate effect and without liability for damages without providing notice. In the event of payments not being made on time while the contract is still running, Buzz Factory also has the right to block the customer's access to the website and/or applications. Once all outstanding invoice amounts have been paid, the block will be removed again. In this event, the customer has no entitlement to the agreed duration of the contract being extended by the duration of the block. After expiration of the term of payment, interest on arrears is due in the amount of 1% per month. In addition, the customer shall pay collection expenses in the amount of CHF 30.00 per reminder. Furthermore, the customer shall bear the costs for the damage incurred by Buzz Factory from the delinquency and/or the cancellation of the agreement.

9. Updating of Data

The customer is solely responsible for the validity of his / her data and information. Buzz Factory is not liable for damages emanating from an erroneous publication of data.

10. Terms for the Production of Video and Digital Advertising Media

We edit the images, videos or other digital materials for banners or profiles for which Buzz Factory is mandated. For the production of these advertising materials and banners it takes a maximum of 10 working days. For this production, Buzz Factory will develop a maximum of two proposals. If no claim is received within 14 days, this (these) proposal (s) will be considered to be in order. After this deadline, any modifications will be made only against payment.

11. Print Media

Copying of our websites or applications, even in excerpt form, is not allowed without the written permission of the Buzz Factory

12. Final terms

Buzz Factory must be informed in writing of each case of business closure and change of location. These Terms and Conditions and the other contract components, as well as any disputes which arise from or in connection with the contract relationship between Buzz Factory and the User, shall be exclusively governed by the Swiss law. The ordinary courts at the place of registered office of Buzz Factory shall have exclusive jurisdiction, whereby Buzz Factory shall also be entitled to seek redress against the User at the latter's place of domicile. Buzz Factory reserves the right to carry out at any time any amendments to the Terms of Use as presented here.
As of: 12.04.2017

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