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Partnerships and Sponsorships - emerges as the number 1 education directory in Switzerland with more than 30’000 monthly visitors from all Swiss cantons, content in 3 languages and more than 1’000  courses. partners are perfectly placed to increase their exposure and business opportunities. We offer numerous ways for you and your organization to communicate with our growing student community and with the broad Swiss educational community such courses and school directory, blog, Social Media, and events, there is something for everyone.

We are open to partnering with organizations and companies that share our values and that are interested in promoting education services.

Ways to Get Involved is the fastest growing education platform in the country that touches an important and very active community composed of teachers, schools and students.

If you'd like to discuss partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch on:



« Découvrir » is a non-profit organization that supports qualified migrant women residing in Geneva and elsewhere in French-speaking Switzerland in their professional integration process. The association provides these women with personalized advice and support so that they can participate actively in economic and social development through their potential and experiences.

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