Advantages for Teachers

1. Free Registration

Free signup without any commitment. No credit card needed. You can modify or delete your account at any time.

Gotoclass - Teacher

2. The Country’s Most important Private Education Directory

Be a member of the largest private education directory in Switzerland! It’s the best place to advertise your expertise, improve visibility and earn recognition. We provide you with the most effective tools to win new students and have fully booked courses all year.

Gotoclass - Teacher

3. Transparency

At, you get in touch directly with your students and receive their offers directly in your inbox. We are not intermediaries and we don’t have hidden cost or commissions.

Gotoclass - Teacher

4. Simplicity

We provide Switzerland’s best education-directory user experience, hands down. You can easily create or modify your account and ads. Highlight your education, location and availability in real time to the right audience.

FAQ for Teacher

How can I post an ad?

To post an ad, you must register. The registration is free. We offer different packages to improve your visibility. Click on Submit a Course and complete the required fields, then publish your ad.

How can I upgrade my ad(s)?

Simply go to your profile, select your ad and click on “upgrade”. If you select a new plan, you’ll have to pay for it on our payment gateway. There are not deductions for your older plan. We recommend you to do it by the end date of your current plan.

How can I improve the visibility of my ad?

We recommend that you create an appealing and interesting course description. This is where you showcase your talent and experience. We recommend that you add videos, images galleries, pdf brochures and invite your students to give you reviews. You can subscribe to one of our plans to optimize your visibility. Click here for more details.

Are my email and phone number visible?

Publishing your phone number and email is optional and it’s your decision, we don’t recommend to publish your email for security reasons and to avoid spam. For this reason we provide all ads with a contact form so you can receive emails directly on your Gotoclass account under “My Messages”. Messages will also be forwarded to your personal email.

How can I modify my availability?

You can modify your availability at any time by logging into your account and selecting the schedule of every course. We recommend you to keep it updated to generate trust in your potential students.

How do I get paid?

Payment is fixed between you and your students. is not an intermediary. Your price is displayed on your profile, and you must be clear about conditions with your students before to start teaching (agree with them about points such as special prices for groups, travel expenses, materials, extra hours, objectives, etc.).

How can I change the category of my ad?

You can change it at any time on your account. If your ad is not relevant to the selected category, we might move it to a new category that will be more appropriate.

What to do if I receive a bad review

You can write us via the contact form and give us more details. We like to hear both sides of the story to get a better understanding of each situation. After discussing it with both parties and performing our own evaluation, we can accept, refuse or moderate the review

What to do if my ad was copied by someone else?

Inform us if you find that somebody else is trying to confuse students with your information. Provide Course Name, Reference Number and User Name of your course and copied course(s). We’ll evaluate and verify your information. If we find that your course was copied we’ll proceed to warn the user, unpublish his ad. We have a zero tolerance policy towards such people they are at risk of being banned from our website.

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