Advantages for Teachers

1. Free Registration

Free signup without any commitment. No credit card needed. You can modify or delete your account at any time.

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2. The Country’s Most important Private Education Directory

Be a member of the largest private education directory in Switzerland! It’s the best place to advertise your expertise, improve visibility and earn recognition. We provide you with the most effective tools to win new students and have fully booked courses all year.

Gotoclass - Teacher

3. Transparency

At, you get in touch directly with your students and receive their offers directly in your inbox. We are not intermediaries and we don’t have hidden cost or commissions.

Gotoclass - Teacher

4. Simplicity

We provide Switzerland’s best education-directory user experience, hands down. You can easily create or modify your account and ads. Highlight your education, location and availability in real time to the right audience.

FAQ for Teacher

How can I post an ad?

To post an ad, you must register. The registration is free. We offer different packages to improve your visibility. Click on Submit a Course and complete the required fields, then publish your ad.

How can I upgrade my ad(s)?

Simply go to your profile, select your ad and click on “upgrade”. If you select a new plan, you’ll have to pay for it on our payment gateway. There are not deductions for your older plan. We recommend you to do it by the end date of your current plan.

How can I improve the visibility of my ad?

We recommend that you create an appealing and interesting course description, be original, be smart, be honest. This is where you showcase your talent and experience. We provide you with many resources to improve your visibility and conversions. The fastest and easiest way is to upgrade your current plan to a "Featured Plan". Featured plans make your ads appear on top of searchs and categories, they also provide you with fields for backlinks, videos, image galleries, pdfs and more. Videos are powerful, "between 64-85% of visitors are more likely to buy after watching a product/service video" ( Baclinks definetely help you with SEO, send visitors to your website and increase your traffic. To see more information about our featured plans click here. We recommend you to ask your students to provide you with reviews. Reviews are important for decision making and "97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before making a purchase" ( At we want to promote the best teachers and schools, therefore we have made all reviews available for all plans.

Are my email and phone number visible?

Publishing your phone number and email is optional and it’s your decision, we don’t recommend to publish your email for security reasons and to avoid spam. For this reason we provide all ads with a contact form so you can receive emails directly on your Gotoclass account under “My Messages”. Messages will also be forwarded to your personal email.

How can I modify my availability?

You can modify your availability at any time by logging into your account and selecting the schedule of every course. We recommend you to keep it updated to generate trust in your potential students.

How do I get paid?

Payment is fixed between you and your students. is not an intermediary. Your price is displayed on your profile, and you must be clear about conditions with your students before to start teaching (agree with them about points such as special prices for groups, travel expenses, materials, extra hours, objectives, etc.).

How can I change the category of my ad?

You can change it at any time on your account. If your ad is not relevant to the selected category, we might move it to a new category that will be more appropriate.

What to do if I receive a bad review

You can write us via the contact form and give us more details. We like to hear both sides of the story to get a better understanding of each situation. After discussing it with both parties and performing our own evaluation, we can accept, refuse or moderate the review

What to do if my ad was copied by someone else?

Inform us if you find that somebody else is trying to confuse students with your information. Provide Course Name, Reference Number and User Name of your course and copied course(s). We’ll evaluate and verify your information. If we find that your course was copied we’ll proceed to warn the user, unpublish his ad. We have a zero tolerance policy towards such people they are at risk of being banned from our website.

Getting Started for Teacher

How it works

Gotoclass is the ultimate platform for new teachers or those who wish to start teaching careers, to introduce themselves to students or get in touch with prospective students. To put it in simple words it is an education directory where teachers can advertise and promote their respective courses. The website plays the role of a teacher’s directory for students looking for private teachers. It is the ideal community for learners to find the perfect teacher for private lessons and teachers to get in contact with students interested in hiring private teachers. If you are a student and you find yourself stuck on a particular math problem or you may be having difficulty in understanding a certain theory in class and feel like you may need one on one private lesson, waste no more time and head straight to Gotoclass.
Goto class is one the simplest and most user-friendly websites of its type it is an extensive course directory for anyone looking for a platform to post an education ad. Perhaps the best feature about Gotoclass is that registration is absolutely free and you do not have to pay anything to post your education ad and start teaching right away. Once you have completed your registration process you can choose the course of your choice from our extensive course directory which ranges over 100 different thematics for all ages and educational levels. After you have successfully completed your education ad, students looking for private lessons or private teachers in your particular area of expertise will be able to view your advert and those interested in your services will contact you. The entire process is extremely simple and easy, it saves you from the hassle of going door to door distributing flyers or paying newspapers to publish your ad and you can easily find work while sitting at home.

How to post your first ad

The registration process takes no time and is an absolute breeze. You are required to give in your email, however, registration can also be done using your Facebook account. Once you have done this finish and move over to your profile to complete it. A number of users explore the ‘Teachers and Schools’ section so be sure to pay a visit there and connect with them. Once you’ve completed the above-mentioned steps it’s time to post your first ad! To post your very first ad find the ‘Post An Ad’ option and click on it next you must choose your respective category and then the course that you are offering.After that you will be required to complete the course description make sure you cover all the necessary details and that your description is not only accurate but also comprehensive. This step is followed by choosing the right plan for you, the ‘Free’ plan includes a professional education ad that enables you to not only promote your courses but it also allows you to share them on various social media to friends and family. For those of you who want to add additional touches to your ad or if you are someone who gives courses on a daily basis you have the option to choose from the ‘Master’ or the ‘Professional’ packages, be sure to carefully examine the different packages and choose the one that fulfills your requirements and suits you the best. The key to being viewed more often is that you do not make use of the same category to publish your courses. Using different categories increases your chances of being seen however if your courses fall in the same category try working with or making use of categories that are close to one another. The best way to avoid this issue is to adapt your content so it may fall under more than one category.

How to make your course to stand out!

Now that you have posted your educational ad it is important that you make your course stand out.

  • Perhaps the most important part of your course is the description that viewers see. It is crucial that your description includes all the important information and details about your respective course. The descriptions play a key role in decision making when a student is exploring the teacher directory to find the most suitable private teacher for themselves. For most students finding a private teacher or choosing who they want to recruit for private lessons is a very important decision thus make sure to present your course in the best possible way by making your description comprehensive yet simple. Students tend to get confused if all the necessary information is not motioned in the description.
  • Images are your best friend; they say w picture is with a thousand words this is indeed true. Uploading a picture of yourself shows that you have nothing to hide it prevents the rise of any kind of suspension and proves that your course and in fact you are legitimate and that there are no games. Apart from those pictures of satisfied students or visual aid to support the content of your course work like magic.
  • Another great media to pass on your message in a short and in an easy to convey way is making a video. You may introduce yourself and mention your experience as well as your accolades.Then you can describe your teaching methods and discuss what makes them effective, be sure to mention what distinguishes you from other teachers in the courses directory. Maybe you could even show your happy students in the video.
  • Another thing you can add to your education ad are craft presentations of your respective course in a PDF file, this is another very effective method to distinguish your educational ad from other ads on the courses directory.
  • Be sure to add some reliable recommendations, this shows that you are trustful and potential students read them before contacting you

How to request reviews

  • If you are providing admirable courses, do not hesitate to ask your former students to give you a review. This counts as great help to attract your future audience. These reviews increase your credibility and ensure students viewing your add that you are experienced. The review does not necessarily have to be a 5-star review it will prove to be a valuable source of information for future students. Do not be ashamed of the ratings that you get as hardly anyone can maintain a five-star rating for long and hardly anyone gets a one-star rating.
  • Reviews are absolutely free, you do not have to pay to add them or get them done if you have former students.That are hard proof of your skill and show are a committed professional.
  • Be careful not to get involved with fake reviews, it is strictly against our policy and damages not only your image but that of ours too as we provide the platform to post your educational ad We keep a regular check and balance on the reviews being submitted to us. To make sure the reviews are original we get in touch with students that provide reviews regularly. We may call the student and request any kind of solid evidence such as payment receipts of the course to validate a review. It is our aim and moral duty to provide our viewers with original and valuable reviews.
  • One issue that we have faced several times over time is people giving themselves reviews through other accounts; do not claim that you were not warned we have a zero tolerance policy towards such people you are at risk of being banned from our website. As is our mission to maintain a scam free website and provide our visitors with the fair and reliable service that they deserve.

How do we process reviews

Student reviews are highly valued by us and we believe that feedback is a great thing for any kind of service and plays a major role in the growth and betterment of an individual or company. Receiving a positive or negative review gives one the opportunity to reflect on their work and if needed make positive amends to their work. Reviews give you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes or about areas that need improvements and improve your work however at the same time reviews make you aware of your strengths helping you further enhance them. We have a few rules and guidelines regarding the submission of review, however, we do not have any harsh requirements as we believe a visitors review is based on their personal opinion and we respect and support freedom of speech. Our guidelines require that the reviews provided to us are polite and respect objective communication. If you have any concerns about the review provided to us or disagree with anything mentioned in the review you may get in touch with the student who has provided the review to discuss the issue and if possible make your desired changes to it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is any need for a moderator in case there is hate speech or insults from the students end we are happy and always available to facilitate our users. We prefer not to intervene in the process of reviewing as the matter is in between you and the student however as we mentioned above we have a zero tolerance policy against fake reviews if you suspect you have received a fake review or someone is trying to scam you make sure to get in touch with us and inform us about the situation so it can be dealt with promptly.

Why be verified

We believe being verified is a crucial step towards attaining the trust of your customers and thus a step forward to get to them. Being verified may seem like a tiring and useless process but in reality, it is a rather important step and plays an important role in decision making when it comes to safety and security as students would much rather avail the services of someone who is verified then someone who has not or chooses not to verify their identification. Even parents would not approve of their children getting help from anyone who is not verified no matter how good they are at the job. Once you are verified you are not seen with any kind of suspension and students tend to choose you over someone who has not validated their identity as no one wants to take any safety risks. We encourage user verification because we want to assure customer safety as these days safety is a delicate and very important issue which cannot be overseen and cyber crimes are on the rise. Getting yourself verified shows that you are a professional who shares our collective goal of providing the best possible service to our customers and that you are not capable of ant type of scam.
In order to be validated, you are required to purchase the package validation hereafter having paid for this service you will have to send us PDF or image(JPG or PG) of your National Identity Card (ID card) or a valid passport via email to the following address; As soon as we receive the email containing a clearly visible picture of the document one of your representatives will call you, this is the confirmation process. After this has been done it will take approximately forty-eight hours (48h) for it to activate on your profile. The process is as you may have seen very simple but very important.

How to post multiple ads (for company accounts)

If you are a company or an individual looking to promote multiple courses on one platform we are pleased to inform you that we accommodate such users to make use of our extensive education directory and post their educational ad. You can use GotoClass to promote and the various courses you offer and have them be viewed to our large pool of viewers. We provide users like you with an excel template in the packages section which lets you upload all your ads from there with ease. This feature enables you to upload more than a hundred courses along with the full description and their respective images easily. This feature is very easy and simple to use and does not cause any hassle or delay. It is the perfect feature for users like you to get in touch with our viewers and use the teacher’s directory. You can add your courses in our vast educational directory without worrying about issues like excess usage or spam. We thrive in facilitating our users in the nest way that we can and are always improving our service and additional features to make your user experience as memorable as ever.

What makes a great teacher

  • The first thing to consider when thinking about any good source of guidance is that they are easy to reach and can be contacted frequently. The best kind of teacher is one who does not take more than a few hours to respond to their student’s quarries and problems.
  • Be sure to display reliable reviews provided by former students, it’s one of the things that attract students the most as reading about someone else’s good experience gives them assurance and leaves very less room for doubt of, it also shows that you are experienced and fairly good at what they do.
  • Make your profile as detailed as possible. Make sure to list all your experience in detail as students usually tend to look for teachers that are experienced enough at their job and having a vast experience shows that you do your job well.
  • Adding pictures and videos is a huge help as they serve as a visual aid for your course and attract clients.
  • Giving free courses or demo’s is also a great way to attract clients as they will be appealed by the offer.
  • Another great way is to make a website where you can provide your students with online guidance and free educational material or useful tools.
  • Sealing the deal with a legal contract or document shows that you are serious about the work you do.
  • You do not require a Ph.D. to be an exceptional teacher if you are that is amazing also. However, the key element to be a good teacher is that you are willing to share your knowledge and to know how to deliver it.
  • Experience is crucial but it is not the most important thing, students are searching for motivation. Try not to be a boring teacher

Can I be a teacher?

Absolutely, in our opinion, anybody who has a passion for sharing knowledge can be a teacher at Gotoclass. If you are currently a student in college or university, you can utilize your free time to teach those who are younger than you and make your own money. We believe that age does not matter it is your will power and your knowledge of a particular subject that decides to whether you can be a teacher or not. You are not required to have any experience however it is very useful to attract clients. But we welcome newcomers as well as experienced experts alike as one has to start somewhere so why don’t you start with us.
If you are retired and want to share your experience about life or the kind of work you did or most importantly if you can give helpful tips and provide guidance to those who are doing the same job that you used to, you are welcome to join us and become an addition to our teacher’s directory.
If you are someone who has been searching for a job and haven’t found one yet you are welcome to join us and recruit yourself. We give you the freedom to take on jobs you like and a private teacher or give private lessons, you can start teaching right away and make a new career for yourself. Let us help provide you with the vast exposure that you deserve our educational directory have a vast number of categories we promise you will fit in with us and our platform will expose you to the large pool of clients that view our website. You are guaranteed to find work soon.
Unless you want to be employed at an institution be it a school, university, etc. that delivers official diplomas you will need to be accredited

Why become a teacher?

The list of reasons is endless. Whether it’s your compatible skills and strengths, the promising job security or the satisfaction of having a significant job that intrigues you, teaching is sure to give you the meaningful career you’ve always wanted.
Teaching is a reliable job there will always be a need for teachers they cannot be replaced. Many areas in the world have very high demand for teachers and with the steadily increasing population the demands likely to further increase. Teaching is not a stressful job you do not have to work in a stressful and competitive environment instead you get to work in a healthy environment where you can directly see the output of your hard work.
Teaching gives you an odd sense of purpose you do not feel like you are toiling to get nothing at the end on the contrary teachers get incredible joy in seeing the difference they make in the lives of their students as they gain new insights, become more interested in a subject and learn about themselves and the world around them. Many individuals are attracted to teaching by a sense of service because they want to make a clear, tangible difference in the lives of others and give back to the world.To be someone’s mentor gives you an odd sense of satisfaction and shows that you can make a positive impact in someone’s life.
A very interesting reason to become a teacher is for the love of attaining knowledge and perusing it all throughout life Teachers have handsome salaries in Switzerland that range from 30 to 180 CHF per hour; some may even earn more depending on their respective topics and the number of students they teach.
You do not have to live at one place your entire life teachers can work anywhere in the world they do not have difficulty finding jobs anywhere they go.

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