The new meeting point for teachers and students in Switzerland

We are proud to announce the release of our new education directory. We provide an education add platform that covers all Swiss territory, available in three languages (French, German and English) with more than 100 thematics for any level and any age. Our platform is designed to simplify search and evaluation of different teachers profiles by distance, budget, experience, reviews and much more and make easy to get in touch. Everybody is welcome; any person loving to teach can publish instantly a course and show his/her experience; we provide a free access and display of reviews.

Gotoclass aims to provide the most modern and comprehensive directory of educational institutions and private courses in Switzerland. The Swiss Private Education Directory platform is a resource hub as well as a gathering place for the Swiss education sector as a community, with expanded capabilities for learning, sharing and interaction. It has been crafted to reflect what teachers and students need today.

Three things you’ll love about the new Swiss Private Education Directory website:
  • Homepage – at a glance, intuitive search by thematic and location, see what is trending with our “Most Popular Courses”, easy registration and posting also with FaceBook and quick links to find where you want to go with one click.
  • Search – powerful yet simple advanced search feature, facilitating faster location of multiple sources and locations of information on our site about a specific subject or keyword (simple search box on most pages, plus advanced search options).
  • Courses – click and preview listings while remaining on the global course view, with easy to read details by thematic, cities, levels, audience and more.
We will continually be expanding our online content (especially with new tools for teachers and students) to bring you updated and relevant information, so we encourage you to bookmark it, check back often and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to receive notice when updates and new content are added.

Access 100% free! Browse profiles of teachers, compare backgrounds, prices, reviews and find the “perfect teacher” for you now.
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