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French lessons proposed by ELFI are intensive and aimed at non French speaking people

Using well known and efficient learning methods like Alter Ego+ and Edito as well as the whole set of specialized books in the French language for non French speaking people, our lessons hold full and various contents. All didactical material adopted for the class like newspaper articles, literary texts, movies and audio media bring excellent dynamics. Therefore, it offers a more practical approach of the language and allows the student to understand all the aspects of French and Swiss culture.
Comprehension of the spoken language is essential; our classes include extensive oral and conversational practice. These courses help prepare for different official examinations and degrees, especially for every level of DELF and DALF, for the DHEF of Alliance Française, for TCF/TEF as well as for entrance examinations for University: the French admission examination and the French part of the ECUS examination ('Examen Complémentaire des Universités Suisses').
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Located in the heart of Geneva (Switzerland), ELFI is a school intended for eager adults to start learning or improve their knowledge of the French language and culture as well as computer technologies.

In a serious yet family-like atmosphere, our school offers quality lessons and tailors its teaching to the level, progress, and the difficulties of the students.

Students attending our courses come from all over the world thus creating a multicultural and motivating atmosphere. Studying in our school is a wonderful and human experience.

All of our lessons are given by teachers graduated from renowned Universities and schools. ELFI provides an education in which teachers fully invest themselves with passion.

Most of the classes are held in our school located at 7 rue des Gares (1st floor), with the exception of some courses given out of our premises.
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