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Pilates and Yoga Instructor
Holistic Health Coach
based in Vaud, Switzerland.

With Activ Wellness you will be shown a new perspective within your Yoga & Pilates practice. Classes are applied with an anatomical lens to equip you with a broader understanding of movement.
I'm a teacher with a twist.
Safe - Aware - Functional
Choose Pilates, Yoga and/or Health Coaching sessions to achieve your results.

My uniqueness is that I genuinely care for my clients, I help build a trust and collaborative relationship hence I am available by email or phone for any queries within our session times. Whether we do private sessions or group classes we shall aim to establish a bond that will greatly help the work we do.

Private yoga classes, daily health tips and much more.

Prenatal Pilates classes starting February 2021
Hatha | Ashtanga | Hormonal Yoga Therapy
Meditation & Pranayama
Health Coaching ( meal planning, recipe bank, pantry makeover, coaching sessions, food intolerance and gut health expert)

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My motto is to never stop learning as I am a teacher and coach but forever practitioner, see below my many studies and certifications. Currently gaining my Prenatal pilates certification which I shall be examined in February 2021.

RYT 200H Certified Yoga Teacher - Arogya School - Rishikesh, India

Health Coach degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - New York

Certified BASI Pilates Mat Instructor

NeuroAnatomy Certification + Pre/Post Natal Pilates by Body Hack UAE

Injuries and Working with Pain, The Mindful Body - Dubai

Anatomy and Biomechanics by Pilates Academy International (Pilates on Fifth),
New York - Dubai

First Aid Certification Valid for two years 09/2020 to 09/2022 - Health First CH

Train the Trainer - 2017 - Spearhead Training by Gulf LLC

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Depending on the service and whether it is an individual session or a group one the prices vary.
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25.00 CHF
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Depending on the service and whether it is an individual session or a group one the prices vary.
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Chemin Vallon de la Paudèze, 5
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