Dance Theatre & Body Language Workshops

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Theatre classes for adults

Welcome to our weekly Dance Theatre & Body Language Workshops
The Workshops will help you to:

• Better know and master your body
o Learn how to use and read body language
o See the beauty of your body and learn to appreciate it
o Learn how to cope with stress and have better self-control through movements
• Improve your social skills
o Improve your presentation skills
o Successfully speak to the audience
o Release fears of public performing
o Develop effective team role through impactful communication
• Meet your own self
o Be able to hear yourself and be aware of your desires both physically and mentally
o Learn to recognize your emotions and express them through movement and dance
o Enjoy your inner creativity and learn to put yourself as the main hero of your life
o Increase self-confidence

Price: 30 chf
Duration: 1,5 hour
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Maria Rakotonarivo
Founder of the Theatre Studio BELOE
Born in Saratov, Russia, Maria started her theatrical career at an early age of 6 with the Theatre Teatralika. First, being a leading actress then becoming an assistant of director producer and director.
In 2008, receiving an educational grant, Maria went to the USA where she studied production and staging at the East Carolina University.
In 2010, having moved to Moscow, she opened a junior theatrical studio.
In 2011 Maria established the Theatre Studio BELOE for adults of different backgrounds, teaching them acting techniques. During the five years Maria had staged 3 successful performances with one of them being awarded a participation in the Moscow Night of Arts.
Since 2015 Maria has been living in Geneva where she continues her producing and staging activities with Dance Theatre and Body Language Workshops.
2017 Maria achieved education in the London International School of Performing Arts.
Preisgestaltung Details
Preis für Gruppen (60 min)
30.00 CHF
Rue de la Coulouvreniere 19.Dance Area.Room G
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