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About us - Gotoclass

People willing to learn need a chance to study in an educational environment that aligns with their interests, abilities, location, budget and aspirations. Gotoclass strives to  provide the most modern and comprehensive directory of educational institutions and independent teachers in Switzerland. We want to be the meeting point for people who desire to learn and teach. Our education directory covers all Swiss territory and is available in three languages (French, German and English) and includes more than 100 thematics for any level and any age. We help students find a teacher that’s right for them and help teachers meet the most motivated students. Gotoclass was designed to simplify search and contact between students and teachers in a modern, neutral environment. 

For Learners

Increase your chances of success: Gotoclass helps you discover teachers all over Switzerland with different methods and experience. It’s an opportunity for you to find the teacher that fit your needs – and only yours! Develop your skills and make your dreams come true. Our goal is to promote learning for everybody, at any level. We help you overcome learning barriers associated with high cost, distance or time. You’ll find more than a hundred disciplines offline and online, all supported by popular and qualified teachers throughout Switzerland. Access is 100% free! Browse teacher profiles, compare their backgrounds, prices and reviews, and choose your “perfect teacher”. Get in touch now!

For Teachers

Graduated, experienced or passionate? Take advantage of your knowledge in a space that’s 100% dedicated to make learning accessible for everybody in Switzerland! We provide you with the tools and support you need to optimize your visibility and attract students. You can display your expertise to Swiss students who are searching teachers like you, online or offline, on desktop or mobile. Be seen, be known and stand out in the crowd! It's the key to attracting students and references. Gotoclass is simple to use: just create a profile, display your background, experience and availability, select the most appropriate place for you to teach (at your place, the learner’s place or online). Save time and focus on what you do best: teach!



Key Features

All Switzerland

Our education directory covers all Swiss territory and is available in three languages (English, French and German). Includes more than 100 thematics for any level and any age

Top Support

If you need advice or experience on any technical issue, a friendly Gotoclass customer service representative will answer you in few hours. You’re not alone. Write us or call us. We’re here to help!

Security First

We use SSL, the global standard for tech security, to protect the transfer of sensitive data. It ensures that all your information will remain private

Best User Experience

We deliver best user experience through intuitive usability, responsive design and rich features that enable communication and actions.

Free Registration

Teachers get a professional education profile and target the right audience. Students can save favorites, evaluate and more. Yes, it’s free, forever


Get in touch directly with your audience! They can call you or write to you. We are not intermediaries and we don’t have hidden costs or commissions

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